What They Say

Set out below is some of the feedback our customers have sent us:

I hadn’t used sports school before and my children loved every day that they attended, the staff are fantastic and level of care is second to none. Both my boys aged 7 and 13 enjoyed receiving badges and certificates in trampolining and gymnastics.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for this week. Albert is never keen on holiday camps and kids clubs but he has to go whilst I’m working. I asked him last night if he had enjoyed his week and he said he really enjoyed it – which is amazing for him to show any enthusiasm! Historically he’s gone to another camp in Newcastle but he said this was 100% better. I think it’s a lot more relaxed and the staff you have are great with the children.

He attends a local Primary School and I’ll certainly be recommending they all try Sports School next holidays.

Thank you once again.

Hello Roddy, My daughter has had a great time at sports school. She says it's more fun than any other childcare sessions or holiday activities she has attended. That is high praise indeed, as she loved all of the other holiday clubs. Thanks a million to you and your friendly staff.

My son attended sports school for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it. He was a little apprehensive to begin with but the friendly staff welcomed him into the activities on the first morning. He now has new friends and enjoyed taking part in some fantastic new sports.

I have sent my children to several holiday sports courses and they both have enjoyed Sports School more than any other kids camp in the area. The staff are excellent and the facilities are fantastic.

Roddy runs a fantastic childcare programme of activities during the schools holidays. The staff are so enthusiastic, our kids love it!

My daughter has been attending Sports School for many years, she won’t go anywhere else during the holidays.

My 14 year old daughter went to Sports School this summer and had a great time, she will be back next year.

Here are some poems the children wrote about Sports School

Sports School is a place for learning and fun
There are no limitations except for a gun.
We don’t bully
We don’t hate
The days go by, but are so great.
Sports School, Sports School
We love it here and when we leave
we look forward to next year.

Sports School is the best
Better than all the rest.
Gym and Trampoline
Dodge ball too
Cricket and Basketball join the crew.
Make new friends
And learn new things
You never know what that could bring.
Roddy and the leaders make everything fun
The Purplies get everything done.
Sports School is the best
Better than all the rest.

Sports School
Sports School
So much fun
Sports School
Sports School
For everyone
We do football, basketball, netball and more
We even go to Jesmond Pool on tour.

A recent email
Just to say that my son had an amazing time at Sports School last week. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and as a working parent it really put my mind at ease knowing he was having so much fun, in a safe and secure environment. I have been recommending you to friends and colleagues.
Thank you so very much to you and your wonderful team.
See you next Summer.

Just a few words to say thank you for the fantastic week that my two Spanish kids, Diego and Yago, had this summer at Sports School. It was a really nice experience for them.
I hope they can join you next year although they will be 15 by then.
Please, say thank you to all your staff and specially to Katy, she was really lovely.

Just a quick thank you for such an excellent kids club and holiday activities. Supports the changing world we live in where so many of us work full time and suffer the compromise to the child care we had as kids. Means My son gets some great opportunities to try out sports he would not experience otherwise, and has even discovered chess!
I was really impressed with several of the older and younger staff members, friendly open manner greeting kids (specially the "purplies" which I am guessing are just school age themselves), and the older staff members "front of house" manner, something that I think in many lines of business now is a lost skill.

Thank you for amazing summer club. My son has loved everyday, he is also totally in awe of your gladiator achieve and has increased the you tube hits significantly. Have a lovely break.

After many years, it was Jess's last day with you, can't believe she's now too old to come. I'd just like to say thanks for having her, I know she's had a great time over the last 9 summers, I wish you and the sports school all the best for the future and will continue to recommend the school whenever I can.
Jess will no doubt be in touch about becoming a purple-ee next year (if you'll have her!)

Thank you so much, My son has had a fantastic time, all your hard work is so worth it seeing the smile on his face

My daughter had a great time thanks Roddy. She brought along a friend yesterday who has never attended before and she loved it.

I am writing to say thank you very much for the great week at Sports School that you and your team gave my daughter and so.
They came home each night with plenty to tell us and really enjoyed their days.
My daughter can find big groups and new things overwhelming so it was lovely to see her achieve a full week. She loved the trampolining 🙂
My son is non stop full of energy and was very happy to be able to have the space and opportunity to exert it!
I am confident they will want to sign up again next year.

Hi Roddy
A big thank you to you and all the staff at Sport School for doing a great job with the children. My boys had a fabulous week. This time they have done really well in many activities and I can see this has made a big difference to their confidence.

We look forward to another varied sport programme in the summer.

My daughter came to sports school today and is desperate to come back tomorrow. Would you have a space at short notice?

Once again, thank you for your help and our appreciation of the week our Grandson spent at Heaton Manor, both he and his mother were extremely impressed with how it was run and the fun he had. We will certainly be enrolling him for summer.

Dear Roddy

Thank you for running a brilliant week. Our son (after a nervous Monday morning start) enjoyed every minute of it.
Thank you

My children have attended Sports School at Heaton Manor School. We have recently moved to Carlisle and are looking forward to Sports School coming to Morton Academy in Carlisle. Role on the Summer.

I just wanted to say what a fantastic week Will had at sports school last week. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and he's already asking when he can go back. He would even go back if he didn't know anyone else going- which is a big thing for him to do as he can be quite shy!

Many thanks and see you next time

Thanks for giving my daughter a great week. She has always been reluctant to attend holiday clubs. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and will be returning next year.

Dear Roddy,
I would like to say a massive thank you for giving our daughter such a wonderful time this summer holiday. She has had a fantastic experience and cannot wait to attend again next year. You and all the team have done a marvellous job of entertaining the kids and we are extremely grateful.

I'd like to say a personal thank you to everyone involved form Sports School, our Daughter loved every minute - so much so that we had to book here additional weeks. We were a little apprehensive as she hasn't Schooled in the UK yet although she has been at International Schools in Singapore, Perth, Philippines and Kuwait but we would not hesitate in sending her again or recommending Sports Schools.Excellent Job - thank you.

Dear Roddy and team,
Thank you for encouraging our daughter. She is adopted and due to her difficult start she lacks confidence in her abilities. She is delighted to have earned trampolining badges as she is often quite nervous about new experiences.
We hope to see you all again when we return next year.

Hi there!

I just wanted to thank you guys for making my sons birthday a very special one, for the cake and singing happy b-day to him! We were not expecting this and we are deeply touched and grateful aaaand happy that Max is enjoying his time with you!

Thanks again,

Just to say that my daughter attended today and absolutely loved the club! She's desperate to come again.so I'd better get booking.
Happy Parent

Best Wishes

Thank you for the last week. My daughter has had a great time. In fact I virtually had to drag her away today when I turned up unexpectedly early! It’s such a relief as a working parent to know that your child is being properly looked after during the holidays.
Thank you once again to you and all of your team.

Hi Roddy
Just an e mail to say thank you so much to you and your team at sports school! My son has had an amazing week and loved all the activities. We will definitely be booking next year he cant wait!!

Hi Roddy - both my daughters are booked in to sports school for 3 days in week 5 - they’ve enjoyed it so much this week, is it possible to upgrade them to the full week.

Many thanks,

Dear Roddy
It is our sixth year at Sports School. My boys loved it and this year they made many friendships.
Thank you for all the effort you put organising every detail and making it such a fantastic and memorable experience for our children.

Best wishes.

Hi Roddy,

Thanks very much to all of your staff. Our son had a great time again this summer at sports school. He's especially enjoyed learning how to do front and back flips on the trampoline and loved all of the team games. As a working parent, it's great that he has somewhere to go in the holidays that he loves attending, gets to learn lots of new skills and be active.

See you next time,

Hi Roddy thank you very much.

It was our daughters first club outside school and she's really enjoyed it.

Thank you Roddy and enjoy the rest of the holidays

Just to say thanks so much for this week, my son is now raving about it and says he definitely wants to come again in the summer, glad he stuck with it, thanks for encouraging him!

Thanks Roddy
Our children had as usual a fantastic week.
Looking forward to seeing you and your brilliant team in the summer.

I just wanted to feedback that my daughter Poppy attended Sports camp this week for the first time and has had a wonderful time.

Hello I just wanted to say a very big thank you from us and our daughter for the amazing time she had at sport school from week1-3!
She absolutely loved it and everyone there and is looking forward to next year along with her little sister!

He’s absolutely loved his time at Sports School, the staff and kids have been amazing and he’s enjoyed every single thing they’ve done. He’ll definitely be back!

Could you please pass on my thanks to Regan, Stuart and Amy (who have been leading Joe’s group) - they’ve all been fabulous and are a credit to the school.

My son had a fantastic time at Sports School this week, he said it’s the best holiday club he’s been to. Could you please thank your team for taking such good care of him. He’ll definitely be back!

I just wanted to say an absolutely massive thank you to every staff member who’s looked after my daughter this week. Everyone’s been so kind, approachable and professional and she’s had an absolutely brilliant time. She absolutely adores sport, but often finds it really tough and it’s not something that she naturally excels at. I can’t tell you how over the moon she was to receive some gymnastics badges and how proud she was of her achievements. Thank you so much for making sports accessible to every child no matter their ability!

Also credit to your staff, they remembered my son by name and greeted him so warmly each day. They made him feel like he really belonged.

My son has had a fantastic couple of days at sports school yesterday and today. We’ve been so impressed with the staff and especially how happy all the children are- thank you so much.

My daughter has absolutely loved her week at Sports School, and is so excited to be going back!

Thank you very much for two amazing weeks. The boys have loved it and your team are so nice with the boys. We will book in the future.

Dear Sports Camp Coaches Summer 22
We have had a brilliant time at the camp this Summer!
Thank you all for keeping us VERY BUSY, with loads of games, dances and athletic stuff! We look forward to Easter Camp for more fun, more new friends and new skills to learn.
Thank you for taking such care of us during every camp day!! We all miss you!

Please can you pass on a massive thanks to all of the staff that have worked on week 3 and 4 of the holidays with our children from us parents.

Ah Roddy thanks for your message! We just had to let the staff know how grateful we are for their care and energy and professionalism. They really go the extra mile for all the kids. I'm so proud of the girls' Trampolining achievements too- what a great opportunity for them ! See you all at Easter for more good times! Xxx

Thanks to all of those at Sport School this summer - the kids have had a blast

Thank you so much Roddy and Team!
My daughter had an amazing week and enjoyed every second!

Truly appreciate it!

Returning campers (3years) have had an absolutely marvellous 2 weeks over Easter!
Of course we owe it all to you and sincerely thank you! The girls think you are all fantastic, have loved the programme and will miss you! The girls will be back this Summer and hope to see there. We are greatful for your loving care!

My son really enjoyed his first time at Sports School last week, and is keen to be back in the summer with his cousin.

Hi Roddy and team, Thank you so for much for looking after my two last week. They had a wonderful time, made new friends and you guys we so caring with them. See you in the Summer.

I picked up the kids from Sports School today. They had had a great day and talk about it nonstop all the way home. Thank you.

My little girl was at Sports School yesterday and had a lovely time so just wanted to say thanks to the team for making it an enjoyable day.

My son is loving camp and his pal is there who is one of his friends, so he is having a great time.

My three children are really enjoying sports school despite the weather so thank you so much to you and your excellent staff

My elder son has attended all week and has absolutely LOVED it! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

My son and little french relative have had a great time over the past two weeks, I only wish we knew about sports school years ago.

Well done on a great success.

I just wanted to reiterate how much sport school means to me and my son. He is very anti clubs and sports school is the only one I have been able to persuade him. To try out.?

This Yr he has been absolutely wired with excitement every day on return and tells me everything he has done! He also adores his group leader! I honestly believe that sports school might be responsible for him to break this cycle of believing clubs are daunting and to try new opportunities in the future. Thank you and thank you so much to your amazing staff x

My son has loved the sports school so far - thank you so much.

"I was really nervous about coming to Sports School on my own. I live in Leeds, and my dad is working at the University over the Summer. I have made so many new friends and played so much sport and cannot wait to come back next year."

My daughter had a lovely week and I just wanted to pass on how great all the staff were at drop offs and pick-ups. Thanks for everything!

Hi Roddy!!!
First of all let me thank you for my kids days with the school!! They said they had so much fun.

I would like to say thank you so far for the camps my son has loved every minute of them and wants to go everyday which is always a good sign.

Dear All, Very grateful thanks for looking after my children this Summer. As always, we really appreciate your loving care, endless talents and skills and genuine commitment to the children! The girls have had a brilliant time, challenging weather not a problem!! They will all miss you and all hope to see you at Easter, then Summer 24.

My daughter had a great time at the camp. Thanks to you and everyone at the camp for making her few days there so enjoyable.

Thank you so much - especially for the group 1 staff who were so patient with my daughter!

Thanks for a great couple of weeks, my son has really enjoyed it.

Thanks for everything, our daughters had a great time the weeks they were with you. I'm sure they will be back next year.

Hi Roddy,

I hope you are well, I had my two boys in on the sports school this week at the Jesmond Park Academy. I’m so happy to see them love it just as much as I did. I was a regular at the La Sagesse Sports School many moons ago and I attended every year until I was too old to go anymore. I remember you well from them!

Dear Roddy,
I would like to say thank you so much for having our children over the Easter holidays they absolutely loved the camp. They will look forward to attending in the future.

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